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Solving Our Planet’s Biggest Challenges

Toson Hulstai Nature Reserve In the vast grassland steppe of Eastern Mongolia. © Nick Hall

Creating a future where people and nature thrive

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) leads the world’s most ambitious efforts to protect nature around the globe, improving quality of life for people in Hong Kong and everywhere.

  • East Kalimantan, India

    Tackle Climate Change

    Hong Kong is especially vulnerable to climate change with sea levels expected to rise almost four times as much as the global average, but our science shows nature can be the solution. Explore

  • Aerial view of the Holmes River, British Columbia

    Protect Land and Water

    Transforming how land and water resources are developed, used and conserved has never been more urgent, and TNC has the history and know-how to protect and restore landscapes and oceans. Explore

  • Picking tea leaves in Kenya

    Provide Food and Water Sustainably

    Even though Hong Kong imports the majority of its food and water, waste rates continue to increase. Together, we can secure healthy food and clean water without sacrificing the environment. Explore

  • New York City Skyline

    Build Healthy Cities

    By 2050, more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. With smart planning, science-based solutions and strong partnerships, TNC is working to make our cities resilient. Explore

  • Saving Wildlife

    60 percent of the world’s wildlife was lost in the last 50 years. TNC is working to protect more nature in the next five years than we have during our entire history. Explore

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