Gimme Shelter 2019 Photo Contest - Honorable Mention - WaterAn anemonefish shelters in the tentacles of a closed up reef anemone. Palau. © Michael Gallagher/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Our Priorities

Protect Ocean, Land and Water

Transforming how ocean, land and water resources are developed, used and protected has never been more urgent. Through partnerships with government, communities, Indigenous groups and the private sector, TNC is building on the land conservation work for which we are internationally known by focusing on preserving landscapes, seascapes and waterscapes in Asia Pacific. These are our priority projects:

Protecting threatened grasslands:

Two of the world’s greatest grasslands are the steppes of Mongolia and the savannas of Northern Australia. In these nations, we are working to create parks that serve both people and nature, as well as manage millions of hectares for sustainable grazing and wildlife protection.

Marine protected areas:

Setting aside expanses of ocean—and linking these protected areas to create even larger networks—is a proven strategy to protecting coral reefs, sea turtles, whales and other magnificent ocean wildlife at a scale that matters. We work throughout the Pacific and Indonesia to better manage areas essential to saving ecosystems and the wildlife and people that depend on them.

Restoring lost shellfish reefs:

Shellfish are underwater superstars. They filter water, build habitat for fish and sustain economies. In New Zealand, Australia, China and Hong Kong, we are restoring shellfish reefs to improve water quality, offer coastal protection and support local livelihoods.