Our Priorities

Build Healthy Cities

By introducing nature into cities and reconnecting people to the natural world, cities can combat some of the biggest urban challenges, such as stormwater run-off, air pollution and heat islands. With pilot cities that include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Melbourne, our cities work is focused on: 

Integrating nature in urban planning and design:

TNC is deploying our global expertise in nature-based urban planning to ensure that biodiversity conservation and the services nature provides are taken into consideration in urban decision-making by city planners and leaders.

Connecting people with nature:

To ensure that city dwellers do not grow apart from nature, TNC is demonstrating the power and value of nature through volunteer engagement, youth education and public awareness campaigns.

Restoring natural infrastructure and wildlife habitats:

Using TNC’s expertise in conservation science, practice, policy and finance, we are supporting urban areas to use strategic natural infrastructure so that they are greener and more liveable.