Meandering Creek River meandering through mangroves. Alligator Creek, Queensland, Australia. © Christopher Brunner/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Our Priorities

Provide Food and Water Sustainably

Achieving full sustainability in agricultural, fishery and water management practices is essential to global food security and healthy natural areas. Working with farmers, ranchers, fishers and water managers, TNC is transforming these critical supply chains by sharing science and expertise that increase supplies, reduce environmental impacts and promote economic growth. We are working on:

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture:

We are transforming the way governments, communities and businesses manage wild fisheries and expand aquaculture production in Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Australia and many Pacific Island nations.

Water security:

There is perhaps no more precious substance than water. With a primary focus on China, New Zealand and Australia, TNC is improving freshwater quality and security by influencing policy and introducing new financial incentives for business and agriculture to protect important water sources.

Sustainable agriculture:

Agriculture is a key driver of Asia Pacific economies and generates employment opportunities for rural communities. However, the expansion of agriculture can also damage, and in some instances destroy, precious ecosystems. TNC’s sustainable agriculture work boosts agricultural productivity, while securing the health and integrity of natural systems, with a focus on Australia, China and Indonesia.