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Test Your Turtle IQ

Take this quiz to learn how much you know about hawksbill sea turtles. Check your results on the "Answers" tab.

in the Solomon Islands.
Freshly hatched hawksbill in the Solomon Islands. © Tim Calver

1. What is the current conservation status of Hawksbill sea turtles?


2. Hawksbills have been hunted and poached for 2,500 years for their:

a. Meat

b. Eggs

c. Shells

d. All of the above


3. To a hungry sea turtle, a floating plastic bag looks like a _______________?


4. How much has the global Hawksbill population decreased in the past 100 years?

a. 50%

b. 75%

c. 90%


5. Hawksbills are so named because they:

a. Were related to birds way back in the evolutionary chain

b. Have pointy beaks for feeding, much like birds of prey

c. Have remarkable eyesight, just like hawks


6. Though its sale has been illegal since the 1990s, Hawksbill tortoiseshell is still used to make:

a. Eyeglasses

b. Jewelry

c. Combs and brushes

d. Souvenir‎

e. All of the above


7. Eating Hawksbill meat can kill you—True or False?


8. At birth, a baby Hawksbill’s odds of survival to maturity are roughly the same as the odds of:

a. Being born with 11 fingers or toes

b. Being struck by lightning

c. Being injured by a toilet


9. True or False? Hawksbills may have been around since the dinosaurs, but like them, they are doomed to go extinct.

are being protected in the Arnavon Islands in the Solomon Islands.
Hawksbill turtles are being protected in the Arnavon Islands in the Solomon Islands. © Jeff Yonover

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1. Critically endangered

2. d

3. Jellyfish or squid, two of their favorite foods

4. c

5. b

6. e

7. True—their flesh can be full of toxins dangerous to humans, due to their consumption of sea sponges

8. a (one or two out of 1,000)

9. False

hawksbill turtle surfaces for a breath of air.
A critically endangered hawksbill turtle surfaces for a breath of air. © Christophe Mason-Parker/TNC Photo Contest 2018

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